4 Reasons to Consult Your Local Arborist for Tree Removal Services

17 February 2022
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Trees have numerous environmental benefits apart from adding economic value and aesthetic appeal to your property. However, you might be forced to remove some trees for various reasons. For instance, if the tree is posing a risk to your home or the people living within, it's best to hire a professional tree removal service to get rid of it safely. Here are four reasons to contact a professional arborist for tree removal services. 

A Dead Tree

Trees produce oxygen vital in supporting life and other essential processes. However, trees can also die due to old age, diseases or other reasons. Dead trees are dangerous since they can potentially decay and fall on your property, causing hundreds of dollars in damages. Dead branches can cause life-threatening injuries to animals and people as well. Therefore, it's crucial to assess whether your trees are alive or dead by removing a small back layer and examining its colour. Call a professional tree service provider for the best removal method for your dead trees. 

Trees in a Landscaping or Construction Project's Path

If you want to construct a new structure, expand the existing building or perform a landscaping project, trees lying in the project's path can cause problems. During the planning stage, you must decide whether you should remove these trees or choose a different design that will not impact the trees' location. Consider factors like accessibility for your construction equipment or staging areas. If you have several trees in the path of a construction or landscaping project, consider removing them to facilitate a smooth process. 

Proximity to Electrical Power Lines 

It's crucial to ensure that your trees aren't touching any overhead power lines. If the existing trees have overgrown to a point where they begin touching electrical power lines, it's vital to remove them. That's because they pose a significant electrical hazard to your home and the entire neighbourhood. If you don't have the time to prune your trees regularly, removing them from your yard might be the safest option. 

Extensive Tree Damage After a Storm 

Storms come with strong winds that are generally some of the leading causes of tree damage. In some instances, these strong winds can uproot your trees, cause stem breakages or result in crown twists. Sadly, extensive damage can cause the trees to die, resulting in property damage and endangering your life. Call your local arborist to provide professional tree removal services if this happens. 

Tree removal is sometimes necessary to prevent it from posing a risk to your home. Work with a reputable arborist in your area for professional tree removal services. 

For more information on tree removal, contact a company near you.