Two Myths About Tree Removal Services

17 August 2022
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Here are two myths about tree removal services.

Arborists always remove the entire tree, from root to crown, in one session

One common myth about tree removal services is that arborists always remove the whole tree, from its roots to its crown, during a single tree-felling session. In reality, this hardly ever happens. Instead, arborists will usually begin with the branches and, if there is enough time (and daylight) left after they've cut most of these off, they'll then begin to remove the trunk. If not, then they will remove the trunk during a second session.

However, in most cases, the very base of the trunk and the roots are either left alone or removed during another session. A single removal session happens in instances where the property owner is content to keep the stump and roots. In instances where a property owner wants the roots and the trunk's base removed, they'll usually need to have this done separately, as it requires special machinery and can take a long time.

The removal of an entire tree, including its roots, is something an arborist would only usually do if the tree in question had been badly damaged in a storm, to the point where it has already been uprooted, and replanting it in the ground wasn't a safe option. In this situation, they might remove the entire tree to prevent it from totally collapsing and causing property damage or injuries.

It's safe to remove a tree without an arborist if the tree isn't damaged

Another myth surrounding tree removal services is that a property owner doesn't need to use them, and can instead safely remove their tree themselves, as long as their tree isn't damaged. Unless the tree is very young and, therefore, stout and lightweight, this is almost always incorrect.

The safe removal of a typical tree requires the right safety equipment (in the form of harnesses, helmets, etc.) and the ability to correctly use this equipment, as well as physical strength and a lot of training, related to how to climb a tree, how to stay balanced on it whilst cutting its upper branches, and how to use the chainsaws and manual cutting tools that are needed for this process. This is the type of knowledge and equipment that the average person is unlikely to have and so if they try to do this job themselves, the chances of them injuring themselves or someone near them will be very high.

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