Two reasons why tree-clearing work must be done by professionals

13 July 2023
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Here are two reasons why those who need to have trees cleared off their land should get this work done by professionals who provide tree services, instead of undertaking the work themselves.

It's safer

One reason why those who need tree-clearing work done should employ professionals to do this is that it will be safer than doing it themselves. For example, a team of arborists will have expertise and training in directional cutting techniques that will allow them to have a lot of control over where each tree lands when they fell it. If a landowner who is unfamiliar with directional cutting were to clear the trees off their own land, they could easily cut one of them in a way that might cause the tree to fall in the direction of a person or a nearby building or vehicle. Due to how heavy a tree typically is, this type of mistake could cause many injuries and property damage.

Similarly, arborists are trained on how to safely use chainsaws (one of the most important types of equipment needed for tree-clearing work). They know what precautions to take to prevent chainsaw kickback (something that can result in the blade unexpectedly coming into contact with the equipment operator) and understand how to keep a secure grip on this hazardous item when cutting down trees, to avoid accidentally damaging nearby structures. An inexperienced person using a chainsaw to cut down their own trees could easily injure themselves or mistakenly slice through, for example, an adjacent wooden shed whilst trying to use this equipment.

The tree-clearing work will be done faster and more thoroughly

Another reason why this type of work is best done by those who provide tree services is that this will result in it getting done faster and more thoroughly than if a property owner tried to do it themselves. For example, these professionals have access to equipment like stump grinders, that a property owner might not. A stump grinder can not only allow an arborist to rapidly remove the tree stump (far more quickly than if this job were done with manual tools) but will also know how to use this equipment correctly, to ensure the tree stump is fully removed, so it won't be an obstacle that interferes with the property owner's future use of the land and won't cause the tree to regrow.

Additionally, those who offer tree services can also assist with the breaking down of the trees that have been cleared off a piece of land. They can, for example, use machines called chippers to quickly break down large branches and foliage, which can then make it easier for the property owner to collect and dispose of this debris or can allow them to use it for mulching their land. Without this machinery and experts who know how to use it, a property owner might have to spend days or weeks manually breaking down their felled trees so they can dispose of them.

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