3 Signs That You Need to Call in a Tree Service

6 September 2017
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Trees can create a scenic look in your backyard and also provide some shade during the intense Australian summer. However, trees also require a certain level of maintenance. If you fail to maintain the trees on your property properly, it could lead to problems such as diseased trunks and overgrown branches which can cause a range of problems. Below is a guide to 3 signs that it is time to call a tree service.

Unclean pool water

If you notice that your swimming pool is constantly covered in leaves and other debris such as small twigs and branches, this is a sign that you need to call a tree service. It is likely that the branches of a nearby tree have grown out over the top of the pool and are now depositing debris onto the water. Having to skim your pool to remove this debris can be very annoying and time-consuming. A tree service will be able to lop the branches of any trees around your pool to prevent this problem.

Poor growth of other plants

If you notice that other plants in your garden are not growing as they should be, this could be because of the surrounding trees. A large tree canopy can block out the sun and produce a large area of permeant shade in your garden. Any plants growing in this area will not receive sufficient levels of sunlight to thrive. If you notice that this is happening, you should contact a tree service today.

Damage to your property

If you have trees which have been planted very close to your property, you may notice that the branches begin to come into contact with the brickwork, roofing and windows. As a tree branch blows and moves on a breeze, it can cause many issues. For instance, no one wants to be kept awake at night by a branch of a tree tapping on their bedroom window. If left unchecked, a branch could cause significant damage to the roofing on your home by dislodging tiles, and if you have painted brickwork, you may notice that it becomes scratched, exposing the bare brick beneath. You should carry out regular inspections of any part of your property which is near a tree. If you notice any signs that the branches of a tree are getting too close, you should contact a tree service and ask them to trim the tree to make it safe.