Wholesale Nursery Resources You Need for Your Trees

18 September 2017
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When you add a tree to your yard, finding the right resources is essential. Fortunately, your local wholesale nursery has lots of them. From making sure the tree thrives to preventing it from dying, your local wholesaler will provide the right advice. If you're ready to start, you need to know which resources you need for your trees.

The right pot size

If you want your tree to flourish, you need the right pot size. This is sometimes tricky, so you may want to ask the wholesale nursery staff for advice. As trees are large plants, you need large containers. This gives their roots enough room to grow. As the tree grows, move it into a slightly larger pot. Once you reach the stage where you can plant it, you'll have sturdy roots for great growth.

An appropriate tree

It seems obvious, but not all trees thrive in all areas. When choosing your tree, consider:

  • The type of soil in your area
  • The height and width when they grow
  • Light and water needs

If you live in a small space, choosing a large tree isn't wise. Similarly, if your tree relies a lot on photosynthesis, you need lots of light. Your wholesale nursery should offer advice on which trees thrive in each area. Through a practical and careful approach, you'll choose trees that thrive and look attractive.

Feeds for thriving trees

Sure, you can leave nature to take its course. However, using a fertiliser encourages optimal growth. There are several ways to approach this:

  • You can mimic the tree's natural environment with leaves. Scatter the leaves around the tree and they'll act as a natural fertilser.
  • Ask your wholesaler if they sell animal manure. It's just as effective as a chemical fertiliser.
  • In certain areas, you need fertilisers to tackle mineral deficiencies. Certain weather conditions produce this need too. If you're unsure as to whether your tree will thrive, ask an expert.

Once you have your fertiliser place it at the tree's roots. This ensures it's closest to where the tree acquires its nutrients. Always make sure you follow the label's directions, as overfertilising may kill the roots. 

If you're still feeling stuck, ask a professional at your wholesale nursery. With a wealth of experience, they can guide you in your resource buying decisions. During the tree growing process, return for advice. With the right approach, you'll watch your trees thrive and enjoy a beautiful yard for years to come.