Must-Have Safety Equipment for DIY Tree Lopping

21 September 2017
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There is a tree in your backyard that's blocking light from your house, and you want to cut down some of its branches. You have all the required tree lopping equipment such as a chainsaw, grapples and shears in place. However, before you start exercising your DIY techniques, it is essential to make sure that you have the right safety equipment for the task. Tree removal is no easy task, and failure to protect yourself can result in injuries. Here is a checklist of the four things that you must have before embarking on a tree lopping project.

Safety glasses

Most people remember to invest in a hard hat and protective clothing, but few remember that their eyes should be protected when cutting a tree. Flying debris from the tree when using a chainsaw can get lodged in the eye and cause an injury. Protect your eyes and avoid a visit to the emergency room by investing in safety goggles. Any individual who will be working with you or standing nearby should also have these glasses as well.

Leg protection gear

Investing in protecting clothing that reaches below the ankles is not enough to keep you safe during a tree cutting project. As one gets to a knot in the tree, the saw can kick out of the tree and cause serious injury on the leg. To avoid this, it is essential to wear leg protection gear. Invest in quality working boots that come up to your knees to prevent injuries. 

Tree harnesses and saddles

Falling 50 meters from a tree can cause severe injuries or even death; therefore, it is critical to have safety harnesses that can break your fall in the event of an accident. There are various types of harnesses and saddles for tree climbing, fall arrest and suspending. Ensure that the ones you get from your dealer are suitable for tree cutting projects. They should also give you adequate mobility to maneuver around the tree. When using the harness, attach it to a stable part of the tree that won't be cut.


Prolonged use of chainsaws and other power equipment without ear protection can cause damage to the inner ear. This can cause long-term hearing damage or even deafness in the long run. It is critical to invest in professional earmuffs or noise canceling earplugs when embarking on a tree lopping project. These simple but useful devices can protect you from having to wear hearing aids in the future.

Remember that tree lopping is a challenging project that should be undertaken with care. Consider hiring a professional arborist for the task if you don't have the right tree cutting or safety equipment for the project.