Guarding Grass Growth: 2 Questions To Ask Before Your Dead Tree Is Removed

24 September 2017
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The current spring sunshine is kicking your lawn growth back to life, and it is nice to see the grass getting greener before your very eyes. You have a dead tree in your back garden that you know must be removed before the violent summer storms make an appearance, but you don't want the tree removal to damage your gorgeous grass. Is there a way you can say bye bye to the tree without suffering lawn damage? There are several ways to do this, and these are the two questions to ask the tree removal company:

Do you have plywood sheets to drive equipment over?

The biggest enemy of your growing lawn is the heavy duty equipment driven into your garden to remove the tree. The weight of the equipment not only crushes the grass, but it also rips it out by the roots if the soil is slightly damp and sticks to the wheels.

Large sheets of plywood are one way to get past this potential damage. Build a  "road" across the grass for the equipment to move over. While the grass still is impacted by the weight of the machine, there is no chance of wheel ruts occurring. Remove the plywood after the job completion, and then rake the grass back upwards and there won't be any lasting damage.

Can you remove the tree without dropping it onto the lawn?

The second potential area of damage is when the tree drops to the ground. A heavy tree leaves quite an impact on the ground when it falls. It also makes a mess. Ask the tree removalist how they can do this part of the tree removal without grass damage. For example, tree branches which are trimmed and placed directly in the raised bucket of a small bobcat can be lowered to the ground without falling force.

Additionally, ask about the type of tires on the loader. There are grass-friendly tire options which don't have bit knobbly bits on them, so they don't rip out the grass.

Finally, talk to the tree removalist about other options they have at their disposal to remove the tree without impacting your grass. A crane removing the tree trunk over the fence may be an option for a very wide tree. As long as you make the tree removalist aware of your concerns about your lawn, they will do what they can to leave minimal impact on your property.