Stump Grinding vs. Chemical Stump Removal: Which is the Best Technique?

27 September 2017
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If you have recently cut down a tree in your backyard, you must be looking for ways to get rid of the unsightly stump that's left behind. A tree stump can easily trip someone and cause fall accidents. Also, during the rainy season, water can collect on the surface and create a suitable breeding ground for insects and bacteria. You can utilise two techniques for stump removal: chemicals and stump grinding. How do you determine the best and easiest method to use? Here is a detailed comparison to help you make an informed choice.

Stump removal tools

Stump grinding requires the use of a stump grinder. The tool grinds the stump into what looks like sawdust and does not require much physical energy. Besides the grinder, you will also need a chainsaw, ax, shovel, and rake. Also, get protective clothing, goggles, earmuffs, and hand gloves. Stump grinding may require some investment, but you can always rent the grinder at an affordable cost.

Chemical stump removal involves the use of a chemical compound that softens the stump and makes it easy to remove it. You are required to make holes around the stump and add the product to the holes, and leave it for a few weeks. You will need safety gear and an ax to remove the stump once it lets up.

Removal period

When using a stump grinder, you can get rid of the unsightly stump from your yard in an hour or less. This technique is suitable if you want to remove the stump immediately. For instance, if you have an outdoor party or a barbecue coming up, it is good to utilise this technique as it is fast and efficient.

Chemical removal requires some patience to allow the compound to work on the stump roots. The waiting period may vary from one product to another, but it can be up to three or four weeks. You can use this method if you are patient enough to wait. Also, you can utilise it if the stump is located on the further end of the yard away from the house and the play area for kids and pets.

Environmental and health concerns

Stump grinding is a sustainable method that does not release toxic compounds into the soil or environment. Besides noise pollution when using the grinder, this technique is entirely environmentally safe. However, you should keep pets and kids away when using the tool to avoid accidents or injuries.

On the other hand, the chemicals used for stump removal are poisonous, and this makes them unsuitable for homeowners who are looking to employ sustainable solutions. Also, they are harmful if ingested by your pets or kids. You may want to ensure that your dog doesn't go digging around the stump as it can accidentally consume the granules.