Two Reasons Why You Might Want to Have a Tree Removed From Your Garden

27 September 2017
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If you have one or more trees in your garden, there are a couple of reasons why you might want to have them cut down.

They block out the sun

Many homeowners love the shade that the trees in their garden provide, as this allows them to spend time in their outdoor spaces on hot days without getting overheated. However, there are certain circumstances in which the excessive amount of shade created by large trees might not be so welcome.

For example, imagine that the trees in your garden are located very close to one of the exterior walls of your house and are, therefore, preventing any sunlight from entering through the windows on that side. This lack of natural light could make the rooms in this area of the property look gloomy, drab and less spacious than they actually are.

Trees that provide too much shade can also affect the health of the grass, flowers and shrubs in your garden. Whilst there are certain plants that thrive in darker conditions, the vast majority require a significant amount of light in order to photosynthesize (that is, to obtain the energy they need to grow). Without plenty of sunlight, you may find that your lawn and plants begin to shrivel up and die.

In either of these situations, the simplest and most effective solution is to hire a tree removal specialist to cut down the trees that are creating too much shade.

To keep your family safe

If a tree develops a disease, its structural integrity can be affected. This lack of structural soundness could potentially put you or your family in danger, as a tree in this condition is far more likely to suddenly collapse when subjected to even a small amount of force.

A tree branch which has been weakened by disease could quite easily snap off if your young children climb up on it; this, in turn, could lead to them sustaining a serious injury.

Likewise, a diseased tree trunk that is exposed to a strong gust of wind during a storm could topple over and strike the windows or the roof of your house. This, in turn, could not only result in major damage to your property, but it could also lead to your family members who are inside the house being hurt.

As such, if any of the trees in your garden are showing signs of disease (such as bulbous growths on the branches, mildew or brown spots on the leaves or peeling bark on the trunk), you should have them cut down by a tree removal expert as soon as possible.