Tree-Toppling Indicators: 3 Signs Your Tree Is About To Fall And Needs Urgent Removal

28 September 2017
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If you blinked and missed winter in Queensland this year, you weren't the only one. A mild winter means a quick swing into spring, where each day seems the same as the next. However, not too far away is summer, and that brings with it angry storms with lots of wind and rain. Since this will be your first summer in your new home, a tree inspection is prudent now while the weather remains calm. So, what are the warning signs a tree is in danger and needs urgent removal? Use this checklist to find out.

Cracked soil

Cracks in the dirt around the base of the tree can mean several things are happening. For example, if there has been little rain in your area, then it is simply an indicator that the ground is very dry. However, cracks around the base of a tree are also an indicator the tree's roots are in the process of breaking free from their hold underground.

Take a close look at the roots under the cracked soil. Roots which are rotting are a telltale sign the tree is dying and needs removal.

Leaning tree

While the Leaning Tower of Pisa is an awe-inspiring sight, a leaning tree in your back garden is not. Sometimes, a tree naturally grows on a lean because it needs to bend that way to get the light it needs to grow. However, if the tree's leaning angle seems to be increasing with each passing day, this lean is caused by the roots loosening in the soil and the tree coming free. All the tree needs is a good gust of wind to push it over.

Damaged trunk

A damaged tree trunk is another sign your tree is in danger of falling over. These visual clues, in particular, should have you booking a tree felling service as soon as possible:

  • large cavities in the trunk which show decay inside;
  • splits in the trunk which are large enough to split the tree in two
  • portions of the tree trunk where bark does not grow, as this indicates this part of the tree is dead

A damaged trunk does not necessarily mean your tree is in immediate danger, but it does mean your tree needs a closer look by an expert so they can determine how unhealthy it is.

Don't let your trees become a danger to property or people this summer. Have them inspected now so they can be felled and removed well before the skies get angry and the winds begin to howl.