5 Things to Consider Before Building a Swimming Pool Near Trees

10 October 2017
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Adding a swimming pool to your backyard provides you with many benefits. You get to spend more quality time with your family, have another means of exercise and you'll be able to enjoy the Australian summer without melting in the heat. If there are trees in your yard however, you'll need to plan carefully. Trees and pools aren't always compatible.

Plant near the wrong species of tree for example, and you might find yourself spending more time cleaning your pool than swimming in it. If your yard contains trees and you are wondering whether placing a pool near them would be wise, read on.

Will the Pool Construction Damage Tree Roots?

When deciding where to place your pool, you'll need to work out if nearby trees could suffer root damage when excavation gets underway. According to research, roots can grow from 2 to 7 times the diameter of a tree's crown. A mature tree then with a large crown, might not leave you with much room to play with. In this case, it might be better to remove the tree before construction begins.

Do Those Trees Drop Leaves or Seeds?

Many tree species such as pine trees, drop leaves, needles and seed pods year round. You also need to take wind into account too. If the area where you plan to build your pool is littered with tree debris, you should probably remove those trees and later replace them with something that is less messy.

Otherwise, you may find that your pool is more often than not filled with leaves and other tree litter.

Is the Pool in Danger of Being Pierced by Roots?

Ideally, your pool should be at least 15 feet away from the base of any trees in your yard. This is because tree roots are opportunistic and may seek out the water of your pool for sustenance. Tree roots can also be extremely tough, which means a pool liner will not stop them from piercing it.

Is There Enough Room for the Equipment?

During construction, the service you hire to excavate the land and build the pool will need to get some pretty hefty equipment into your back yard. Is there enough room for them to work without harming your trees? If a digger compacts the soil around a tree, that affect the tree's root system and possible lead to its eventual death.

Would it be Better to Remove the Tree(s) Now?

Unless you are 100% sure that your trees are the right kind and that they will survive the construction of your pool, you should remove them before the pool is built. If you wait until after construction is complete, you will be charged more by a tree service as your pool will make it more difficult to comfortably remove your trees.

If your trees are not the right type for your pool, call a tree specialist to remove them before construction begins. You can always purchase the right trees later, once your pool is finished.