Recently Had A Tree Felled? Here Is Why You Should Enlist Stump Grinding Services

15 August 2018
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A healthy tree may significantly boost the attractiveness of your yard, but once a tree starts to decline due to either trauma or illness, it is imperative to have it cut down. But what happens with the stump? Some homeowners may believe that a tree stump is much better than having a dead tree, but the reality is a stump can be just as hazardous. From providing habitat to pests to posing the potential of spreading the dead tree's pathogens to your healthy plants, it is judicious to have this stump removed. Below are three reasons why you should enlist stump-grinding services once you have had a tree felled.

Stump grinding is fast

When you decide to have the stump eliminated from your property, you will find that there are several techniques that you could select. One option is stump removal via digging out the roots, and while this is effective, it is a long and arduous process. Moreover, the arborist will require different types of specialised equipment, so it ends up costing more in the end. Another option that you can use is chemical removal. With this technique, a mixture of chemical agents is poured onto the stump so that it can dissolve. This type of removal is also lengthy, not to mention the risk of toxins seeping into your yard and possibly affecting other types of vegetation. Stump grinding is one of the best options that you could consider because it is quick and highly effective. The arborist grinds the stump down into the ground leaving your property levelled.

Stump grinding is eco-conscious

Another advantage of choosing stump grinding over other removal methods is how environmentally friendly the process is. Chemical removal, as aforementioned, poses the risk of contamination to your property. In addition to this, it is not a suitable elimination method if you have pets or children who spend a lot of time in the yard. Stump grinding does not require any chemical agents or the removal process, so the sanitation of your property remains intact. Furthermore, stump grinding results in the formation of sawdust and wood chips, both of which you can utilise as mulch on your property.

Stump grinding leaves your yard neat and levelled

If you are looking to remove a stump on your property for development, stump grinding is your best bet. While digging out the stump may solve your problem, keep in mind that this solution will leave you with more work, as you would have to clear your site due to the upheaval of the soil. With stump grinding, you are left with a clean slate without having to engage in additional prep work.