Reasons For Hiring a Tree Removal Service

14 December 2020
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Tree removal may sound weird because environmentalists insist on the many benefits of saving trees. However, there comes a time when old trees do more harm than good. The roots of old trees can wrap around water pipes and foundations and pose many problems.

Old trees also take up valuable space, and the roots can cause accidents or even attract pests. For these and many other reasons, it's essential to hire a tree removal service to get rid of old and decayed trees in your compound.

Legal Requirements

In Australia, there are laws regarding tree removal. You cannot just uproot a tree at will. You could attract penalties or even face a jail term for illegal removal of trees.

A tree removal contractor will follow all the required legal protocols before uprooting your trees. For example, in some areas in Australia, a permit may be required for tree removal. The arborist will apply for council approval, which is required if you want to remove trees in Australia.


Attempting to remove trees by yourself can be a challenge if you don't have the appropriate equipment. It will be tiresome and take longer to complete the tree removal project without the right equipment. Even with the right equipment, you need experience to determine angles of the cut on a tree, weight distribution and how to insert the bar into the tree.

Safety gear is also important for any tree logging project. You'll need a helmet, face screen, earmuffs, and safety glasses. Hiring an arborist will relieve you of all of these requirements and precaution measures.


Tree felling is a deadly occupation and requires a high level of skill and knowledge to do it safely. You could easily drop the tree on your neighbour's compound or injure people without the right calculations. You need to estimate the felling zone and cutting zone if you don't want to trip when escaping from a falling tree or cause unnecessary damage to your property. You also need to have a lookout to alert you to falling branches.

A tree removal contractor knows about tree felling precautions. They have the right equipment and safety gear and will perform accurate calculations to ensure the trees are felled correctly. With a tree removal service, you're guaranteed a swift job with no accidents and property damage.

The Takeaway

When it comes to felling trees, it's better to hire an arborist than to do it yourself. When looking for a tree removal service, you need to pay attention to considerations such as licensing, experience, reputation, range of services and cost. Compare the profiles and quotes of different tree removal contractors before choosing the one you want to work for you.